Dream Life Volume 1 Novel Information, Synopsis, and Credits

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Please note that this is the light novel version. Dream Life ~Living in an Oneiric Parallel Universe~ is the full name of the novel. It’s part of the Trinitas Series. Aside from Dream Life, Trinitas Mundus is also part of the series. The novel has a different protagonist but takes place in the same universe. Even though they’re both written by Omachi, Trinitas Mundus has a really different feel to it. More focused on action instead of things like domestic affairs. Their publisher, TOBOOKS, has set up a website for the series here: http://www.tobooks.jp/trinitas/

Synopsis: A middle-aged engineer who was weary of life ended up being reborn into a different world as Zack, the son of a frontier feudal lord. Once there, he received a mission from God. He was told to prepare himself for the task of “guiding the future hero of the world”. With that in mind, Zack not only trained himself in swordsmanship and magic but also committed himself towards reforming problems in hygiene and education. After developing a new local product, Zack was reminded of his once forgotten dream: brewing alcohol! As he resurrected his long lost passion, it was the beginning of his “Dream Life”.

The author of the Trinitas Series is 愛山雄町, pronounced as Aiyama Omachi. Illustrations are by 電柱棒. For some reason, his name means “Telephone Pole”.

As of June 30, translation of Dream Life into Russian has begun! The translator is julyhrestos. You can find it here on Rulate: http://tl.rulate.ru/book/6761

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