Trinitas Mundus Volume 1 Novel Information, Synopsis, and Credits

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Please note that this is the light novel version. Trinitas Mundus ~A Tale of Ray the Holy Knight~ is the full name of the novel. Like Dream Life, it’s also part of the Trinitas Series. Dream Life has a different protagonist but takes place in the same universe. Even though they’re both written by Omachi, Dream Life has a really different feel to it. More focused on things like domestic affairs instead of action. Their publisher, TOBOOKS, has set up a website for the series here:

Synopsis: Rei was a young man who was preparing to start his university life. However, one day he was suddenly sucked into a fantasy web novel that he wrote himself. Rei was then reincarnated into the body of Ray, the holy knight. While still trying to grasp the absurd situation he was thrown into, Ray came to the aid of a female mercenary named Ashley as she was being attacked by a gang of bandits. Somehow in the natural course of events, he ended up working together with her. During this time, he gradually got wrapped up in a conspiracy of enormous scope. However, the world was based on the novel Ray had written himself. In addition, the body in which he had reincarnated into was blessed with a splendid physique. Equipped with these two weapons, Ray attempts to overcome the obstacles he faces . . .

The author of the Trinitas Series is 愛山雄町, pronounced as Aiyama Omachi. Illustrations are by 和狸ナオ. I’m not sure about the pronunciation – I think it’s read as Watanuki Nao.

As of June 28, translation of Trinitas Mundus into Russian has begun! The translator is PupkinJet. You can find it here on Rulate:

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