Trinitas Mundus Volume 1 Chapter 1 – Part 1

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At a small town in the Kanto region.

On a certain day in March, a time when the chilly days still haven’t quite ended yet.

There was a young man with a small build. At first glance, he could be mistaken for a junior high school student. In actuality however, he was going to turn 19 soon. The young man, Hiji Rei, was about to begin his university life and had gone through many busy days of earnestly preparing it.

Preparing for university took more time than I thought. I should have started preparing sooner . . .

When Rei decided to go to a boarding house near his university, he had to deal with a bunch of documents. After that, he only needed to sort through what he would bring to the boarding house. However, when it was finally time for him to sort through his luggage, it took more time than he thought. This was because he had decided to go through everything one by one.

I was going to take this book . . . I can’t remember what it was about though? . . .

Every time Rei found an interesting book, he would quickly read through it. Because of this, there were now numerous books stacked on top of each other all around him. Although he had begun organizing his books in the morning, before he knew it, the sun had begun to set. He continued his slow pace even when it became dark outside. At around dinner time, he finally finished sorting through his books.

Phew~ Looks like I’m finally finished with sorting my books. I have to pack up my computer now. Let’s start with backing up the data.

Hm? Isn’t this the novel I wrote last year? . . . how nostalgic. Where did I stop the story again?

Due to his exams, he had taken a break from writing the novel, his first work. It was titled “Trinitas (The Gods of the Heavens, the Earth and the Men) Mundus (World)”. Rei opened the file containing his novel on the computer. The novel he wrote was one those reincarnation novels. It was a story about a highschool girl who got reincarnated into country with swords and magic.

The female protagonist had been an ace in her high school’s archery club. She was then reincarnated into a family of hunters. Her family lived in a small village that was situated between multiple large countries. The girl used her archery skills and her modern knowledge while living in the village. The story was at the point where the girl was about to reach adulthood. Her village was then attacked by demons. She became the only survivor when an adventurer who was pursuing the demons rescued her.

The adventurer took in the girl and they decided to lived together. In order to take revenge against the demons, the girl became an adventurer and gradually began to play an active role as an archer. The story had advanced to this point when Rei decided to take a break from writing.

After that, their town was set to be attacked by demons I think? Where did I put the plot file . . . did it get mixed up with my other files?

He searched for “plot” in the folder but the computer only returned the result that there was no such name.

Shoot. Did I delete it by mistake or something? It might be in one of my folders somewhere though . . .

Rei tried finding the plot by opening files at random but in the end, he still couldn’t find it. At that moment, a file named “Reincarnation Setting” caught his eye. Did I really name it that? He thought doubtfully as he decided to double-click on the file’s icon.

As soon as his mouse clicked twice, the screen of the computer abruptly shined a bright white color that bathed his room in its light.

“Whoa! What is this!?”

Rei raises a voice of surprise at the weird phenomenon. However, the intensity of the light was so strong it seemed to exert a kind of physical pressure. The powerful force caused Rei to fall from his chair and immediately lose consciousness.

When Rei woke up, he could smell a natural fragrance of moist plants that shouldn’t have been inside his room.

What just happened? The computer screen suddenly shined this white color . . . and then what? I can’t remember . . .

Rei shook his head a few times because his consciousness still felt hazy.

My head feels heavy . . . hm? What’s this? Why am I wearing a helmet?

There was an uncomfortable feeling when he shook his head. He noticed that he was wearing a helmet because of that.

When he tried taking raising his hand to take off the helmet, he also realized that his hands were equipped with metal gauntlets. Flustered, he rushed to check his body.

What are these? Gauntlets? . . . I’m also wearing plate armor and there’s a sword at my waist . . . who put this cosplay costume on me . . .

He stood up feeling confused about the situation and tried checking his appearance one more time. Rei thought at first that the armor was made of cheap cosplay materials. However, when he tried lightly tapping the metal, he found out that it was unexpectedly genuine thick armor. According to what he knew about real armor, they should be quite heavy. Contrary to that. the armor he was wearing didn’t burden him at all. It was so light he felt like it was made of plastic or something. Because of that, the armor didn’t really feel like something genuine.

Where the heck am I though? Because of this cosplay-like outfit, everything feels too elaborate for it to be a prank . . .

He carefully looked around.

Countless trees with a diameter surpassing 1 meter loomed over him. Most of the sky couldn’t be soon due to the tree branches. Rays of sunlight filtered through the foliage. Although it wasn’t dark, Rei still got the strong impression that he was in an extremely dense forest. There were rocks covered in green moss and also things that looked like ferns or short shrubs growing from the ground. The amount of nature was overwhelming. He could find nothing that was man-made.

Where is this place? Am I dreaming? I need to take a deep breath and calm myself down. Let’s try to remember what happened . . .

Rei reached back into his memory as he desperately tried to grasp the situation. However, the only thing he could remember was that he had been looking at his computer in his room.

My name is . . . Hijiri Rei. I’m currently 18 years old but will turn 19 in 2 months . . . I was sorting through my luggage in order to get ready for Tokyo university . . . I wanted to backup the data on my computer and had been sorting through my “Trinitas Mundus” files . . . my memories stop there . . .

He surveyed his surroundings one more time. He suddenly had the feeling that something was out of place and then realized the source of his discomfort.

My line of sight is higher? There’s nothing familiar for me to compare myself with but for some reason, I feel tall . . .

Since Rei’s height barely exceeded 160 centimeters, he was often considered short.

He couldn’t really compare himself with anything and didn’t exactly know how much taller he was. However, he had a feeling that he was about 20 centimeters taller, maybe even more. He lowered his sight and looked over his appearance again.

Below, he could see a pair of curates, leg armor, that were the same color as his silver plate armor. He was also wearing a pair of leather boots and a white cloak.

The skin visible between the gaps of my armor was white like a caucasian. On the left side of my waist was straight sword with a length of around 1 meter, the so-called longsword. Laying at my feet was a spear with a length of around 2 meters. The whole spear, including the handle, was made of a silver colored metal. There was a cross of around 30 centimeters at the point of the spear.

If this isn’t a dream then is it a different world? Since I have a different body, maybe I reincarnated or something? That’s impossible right? . . . Ha ha ha . . .

The sensations he felt were really realistic for a dream. He was beginning to think that this wasn’t a dream.

He tried to confirm if he had any belongings by looking for pouches and bags but other than his spear, there was nothing else around him. He didn’t have something like a backpack.

I only have weapons and armor . . . there’s no food or water . . . I sure hope this is a dream. At any rate, I need to get moving. I’ll have to search for people and ask for their help if I want to survive . . .

Rei switched to a pragmatic mindset surprisingly quickly. Whenever he was writing his novel, he always thought thought about what he would do if he were in his character’s situation. Maybe this was related to that. Of course, he didn’t have any survival skills. As a indoor person, the only methods he knew for acquiring food were part of the knowledge he gained from books.

Forced to rely on such uncertain knowledge, Rei began to wander through the forest.

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