Trinitas Mundus Volume 1 Chapter 2 – Part 1

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Going to the City Upon the Hill

Ray absentmindedly thought about the situation he was in. As if saying that such a thing had nothing to do with it, his horse steadily continued down the sloping trail. After riding for about an hour, their field of vision which had been obstructed by numerous trees opened up. They had finally come out of the deep and dark forest.

A beautiful scene spread out below Ray’s line of sight. Lakes of various sizes were scattered about between the forest and some hills in the distance. Their surfaces reflected the lush green color of the forest and glittered like jewels of sparkling jade in the sun. Ray unintentionally stopped his horse as he became absorbed in the beautiful scene.

He couldn’t help uttering a quiet compliment, “Wow . . . so beautiful . . . such a picturesque landscape . . .”

The carriage had also stopped when they arrived outside the forest, allowing the baron to hear Ray’s words.

“Thank you. Everything you see from here is the territory of my homeland. I have to agree that it really is quite beautiful. It seems like Ray-dono is also someone who can appreciate the beauty of it. How wonderful!”

Seemingly pleased by Ray, the baron faced Ray with a wide smile.

“This really is the first time I’ve seen such a beautiful place. Truly beautiful . . .”

Fascinated by the landscape, it was more like Ray was muttering to himself than actually replying to the baron.

In my plot, there was a country of lakes and springs, named Lacus. According to what I wrote, the country should be located in the outskirts of Periclitar, the country of adventurers. Because of that, in my novel, I only expressed it as a beautiful country. However, it would have been impossible for me to pull off this level of detail with my writing skills . . .

Ashley was amazed as she listened to the two’s conversation.

We’re still in a dangerous situation . . . and yet, these guys aren’t tense at all. Am I supposed to be on the lookout alone? The compensation I get for this job doesn’t match the effort required . . .

Despite her internal grumbling, she tried to capture their attention,

“It is still dangerous. We need to quicken our pace. Rei-dono, no matter how fascinated you are by the scenery, please do not drop your guard.”

After slowly descending down the mountain pass for around two hours, they entered an area with many hills. Although the sun had already set, there seemed to be another two hours before night would arrive.

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  2. Thank you.

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    1. Sorry about the weird release schedule. Personally, I feel more motivated to translate when I know that everyone is going to see how much I’ve translated by the end of the day. Hopefully, as my skills improve, daily releases will become incrementally longer and of higher-quality.


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