Dream Life Volume 1 Chapter 1 – Part 7

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“That’s right. We know about the training you tried to carry out behind our backs. We also know about the stories you told to Dan and the others. No, not stories. Allegories. Allegories filled to the brim with hidden meanings. Each teaching a significant lesson in life.”

While pretending to play with Mel and the others, I had begun to carry out a training plan I thought up on my own.

In the beginning, I showed them the type of exercises elementary students would perform on school gym mats. After that, I managed to pester Walt into tying a rope around a tree branch and dangling it down to the ground. We climbed up and down the rope and also used the tree branch as a makeshift pull-up bar. (TL: please look here and here) I also introduced them to something this world had yet to see: “jump rope workouts”.

Well, alright, I suppose that those exercises do seem a bit strange if you look at it from this world’s perspective . . . nevertheless, it seems like I was more careless than I thought.

After mocking myself for a moment, I separated myself from my mother and fixed my gaze back on the three of them. “What are you intending to do after this?”, my grandfather asked.

I began telling them the plans I had for strengthening myself.

“I’m confident that I have magical talent and also some talent in swordsmanship. Because of that, I think it would be best if I further developed these two skills. For swordsmanship, I would like to receive instruction from Ojii-sama. However, I can’t think of anyone who would be able to teach me magic.”

“I’m fine with training you in swordsmanship. As for learning magic . . . hm. Don’t you visit the healers quite frequently? Are they not an option?”

I visited Old Dorothy, the village healer, whenever I injured my body. I often requested her to demonstrate healing magic for me and had also listened to her explain the magical procedure in great detail. In the end however, I wasn’t able to succeed in learning healing magic.

“Although I’ve asked Old Dorothy to teach me healing magic, unfortunately . . .”

“I see. Nevertheless, you told me that you’re absolutely certain you have magical talent. If that really is true, then I will have to hire a private tutor for you.”

I widened my eyes. That type of privilege was usually reserved for the children of noble families. It’s highly unlikely any tutor would be keen on coming to such a remote village. Even if we assume that there was someone who agreed to do so, having to pay them an exorbitant amount of money would be inevitable.

“Yes, there’s no doubt I have magical talent. However, the money . . .”

“Relax. I have some connections I can use. Well, it still can’t be too expensive though . . .”

When my parents heard my grandfather’s words, both of them seemed to have come up with something.

“We could call Lydianne?”

My mother nodded in agreement.

“That’s right. If it’s Lydia, she’ll definitely agree to come.”

When I asked my grandfather who Lydianne was, and he began,

“Back in my youth, during the war, Lydia, no, I mean, Lydianne, used to be my old comrade in arms. She’s a elven mage who can manipulate up to four elements. An absolute genius. She’s good with the bow and not only that, she also knows quite a bit about the forest . . .”

My grandfather rambled on and on about this Lydianne. Considering how reserved he usually is, he was acting unusually talkative. Here’s the short version of my grandfather’s story: When he was in his twenties, in order to be stronger, he had decided to become an adventurer and then later, a mercenary. He and Lydianne seemed to have been companions during this period of time. She was the user of four elements: Light, Wind, Timber, and Water. Furthermore, by combining these elements, Lydianne was also able to extensively conjure all types of magic, from healing magic to offensive magic. The so-called, “a jack of all trades”, if you will.

Lydianne also had a vast amount of experience with moving around in forests. My grandfather nostalgically told us stories about the numerous times she had saved him by setting up snares and tracking down monsters.

Since Lydianne is obviously a woman, could she have been grandfather’s lover a long time ago? Wait, no, that’s impossible, since it seems like my father was born when my grandfather was traveling with Lydianne. I wonder what could have happened?

However, I tactfully restrained my curiosity and didn’t try to pry into my grandfather’s history. I absolutely wanted this Lydianne as my instructor. So with a serious expression, I earnestly lowered my head and requested for her. In reply, my grandfather said,

“Lydia’s most likely in Saltooth at this time. A great number of elves live in that northern forest kingdom. Even if I try to send her a message through the guild, it’ll take at least three months to reach her. If we’re unfortunate enough, it might be impossible to get in contact with her even after a year. Is that fine with you?”

Although I thought that one year was too much, there wasn’t any other choice. Trying to hire someone else would undoubtedly take too much money. So, agreeing to wait one year, I silently nodded my head.

After that, I continued to tell them about my life in Japan. Although it seemed like they couldn’t wrap their minds around most of it, their expressions turned serious when I told them I wanted utilize my knowledge for the sake of Rushmore.

“Using your knowledge is all well and good. However, if you act too ambitious in the beginning, the changes to the village will be too abrupt and extreme. If that happens, people’s suspicions will eventually lead to your secret becoming exposed. Be sure to keep that in mind alright?”

Both of my parents nodded. At that moment, my heart felt unbelievably warm. These three people continued to view me as an important member of their family. They placed me before the development of their own territory.

“I understand. In order to not arouse suspicions, I’ll make sure the development of Rushmore progresses at a gradual pace. Of course, I’ll also be sure to consult with Ojii-sama and Father-sama before anything begins.”

We continued to discuss various matters for another 20 minutes or so. However at that point, we felt that it would appear unnatural to others if we were to talk any longer. So, we decided to end the talk there for today, and parted ways. Once I was out of everyone’s sight, I breathed out a sigh of relief.

I feel like a fool for worrying so much. Since it seemed like they were already aware of my secret to a certain extent, I didn’t expect them to accept everything so easily. Well, it’s probably a mistake to assume that everyone would be so accepting of my circumstances.

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