Dream Life Volume 1 Chapter 1 – Part 9

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Gossip – The Lockhart Family and Each of Their Thoughts

When I heard what my grandson, Zacharias, said, I became so astonished I almost fell out of my chair.

A different world, he said! Chosen by the gods, he said! It’s too absurd to be the kind of fairy tale children would think up . . . I was wondering what it was Zack wanted to talk about . . . however, I never thought that it would turn out to be something like this . . .

Although I was surprised, I listened to my grandson’s story to the end. When he finished, I did my best to retain a calm face and then told him about the things we had already realized were strange about him. When he heard the things we listed out, he showed a discouraged expression.

However, when I said that we believed his story, his eyes widened in surprise.

We had noticed the sudden change in our grandson around a year ago. Although my son, Matthias, and his wife, Tanya, had already discussed the initial changes in Zack with me, the biggest change occurred during the autumn season of last year. I was quite surprised when Zack suddenly said that he wanted us to lend him a book to read. In the beginning, I ordered my son to pick out an easy book and let Zack give it a try. However, Zack quickly asked for a different book. Any book was fine he said. When I heard that, I assumed that he had simply given up on trying to read books.

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7 thoughts on “Dream Life Volume 1 Chapter 1 – Part 9

      1. If it is incomplete maybe you should put **Preview** or something like that at the beginning.


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  2. Just wondering but is this chapter done? If it is you might want to add a TL-Note at the bottom noting that since it does not seem to be done. Otherwise you might want to add a TL-Note at the top saying that it is a preview.

    Thanks for the chapter!


    1. Since I can’t edit, for future people, it continues on in part 5. So this part is complete it just transitions at a weird spot.

      Tl;Dr: Continue to the next part and you will get the conclusion.


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