Trinitas Mundus Volume 1 Chapter 2 – Part 5

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Although Ray somehow managed to remove his gauntlets (hand armor), cuisses (thigh armor), and greaves (shin guards), he couldn’t take off the armor covering the upper part of his body no matter what he tried.

How the hell do I take this off? I can’t reach it at all because it’s fastened behind my back from the upper arm to the shoulders . . .

No matter how many times Ray tried to figure out the connectors near his shoulder area, he couldn’t understand it. After fiddling with the armor for roughly five minutes, Ray eventually gave up and sighed in exasperation as he sat down on his bed. Suddenly, he came up with an idea. Maybe he should ask Ashley for help. And so, with his set of armor still only partially removed, Ray headed towards the neighboring room. When he knocked on her door, an Ashley who had exchanged her armor for a cotton, or possibly linen, shirt, appeared.

“What’s wrong?”

Ashley slightly raised her eyebrows when she saw Ray standing there with half of his armor still on. However, the same could also be said for Ray. The woman he saw had a completely different impression from when she was wearing rugged armor. You wouldn’t have been able to tell that she was the experienced female mercenary from earlier. His eyes widened as he stared at her. The strikingly long eyelashes above her almond shaped eyes and the twin globes pushing out from underneath her thin shirt dazzlingly reflected within Ray’s eyes.

It’s as I thought, this person is absolutely beautiful. However, the way she’s dressed right now is really bad for my heart . . . ah . . . the buttons on her shirt look like they’re struggling a bit there . . .

When Ray finally noticed that she was shifting uncomfortably under his stare, he recalled what he came here for.

“I don’t know how to take off my armor. Could you help me . . .”

Although amazement flashed across her face for an instant, she quickly remembered the matter about Ray losing his memories, and beckoned him in.

“Alright, come on in. It sure seems inconvenient to lose your memories.”

She then proceeded to show him how to take off his armor, and also how to put it back on.

“If you want to remove the clasps here, you have to take off both of the spaulders (shoulder guards) first. After you’ve gotten the rerebrace (armor for upper arms) off, the cuirass (chest armor) will . . .”

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After around 10 minutes, the pair finally managed to unfasten all the pieces of armor equipped on his body. However, when Ray took notice of his current appearance, his face immediately reddened.

Once his armor had been taken off, only a simple white undergarment covered his body. However, the particular part that caught his attention was the lower half of his body, which was snugly wrapped in thick white tights (TL: enjoy).

Isn’t this basically just supersized underwear?! What kind of man would be bold enough to wear this in front of a woman?!

When Ashley noticed Ray turning red and squirming restlessly, she puzzlingly asked “What’s wrong? Is there something else you need help with?”

“Ah, no. I just thought that wearing this feels quite embarrassing . . .”

“Oh, right. You shouldn’t wear something like this to the dinner . . . do you want me to ask Edward for a change of clothes?”

Compared to Ray, Ashley didn’t seem to mind his appearance even the slightest bit. After living the life of a mercenary for so long, she was probably accustomed to such an appearance.

Ray didn’t want anyone to catch him in this appearance by any means. Especially since he was currently inside a female’s room. He hurriedly tried to come up with a way to get out of this sticky situation.

Do I really have to return to my room? No, wait . . . I wonder if it’s also possible for me to use that Storage Magic. If I’m not mistaken, I called it an Item Box.

He remembered about another magic he had written about within his novel, in addition to the Purification Magic.

First, you manipulate the fourth dimension with the element of Darkness . . . then, you manipulate the space within reality with the element of Wind . . . alright. Now, I just have to think, “Item Box Open” and . . . whoa! A menu appeared!

When he called to mind the storage magic, the back of his left hand glimmered, and then a list of items appeared in front of his eyes. The list contained all the things currently stored within his Item Box. There were items like a canteen of water, a knife, and various coins, including gold coins. Furthermore, as luck would have it, knight clothes were also among the items in the list.

Ray concentrated his thoughts on the clothes for a moment, and the clothes were taken out of the Item Box.


When Ashley realized that for some reason, Ray had sunken into an incomprehensible silence, she began to call out to him. However, she immediately fell silent when the back of his left hand gleamed with a brilliant light. Ashley froze and stared with wide eyes at the white clothes which had materialized onto the palm of his right hand.

“What was that!? Ray, what did you do just now!”

Startled by Ashley’s loud voice, Ray awkwardly answered,

“O-oh, I thought that Storage Magic was something that you guys could also use . . . it’s what I used to take out these clothes . . . do you guys not . . . ugh, wait, don’t tell me. This type of magic is also really uncommon?”

“N-no, rather than uncommon . . . this is the type of magic that only exists in legends . . . w-who are you . . .”

From her voice, she seemed to be in complete bewilderment. However, inwardly, she actually found the situation quite entertaining.

Even though I almost died today, at the very least, it seems like I still got something good out of it. I’ve come across a truly interesting guy. If he ever happens to recover his memories, I wonder what kind of things would transpire . . . it should be quite fun to keep him company for a while longer . . .

This person named Ray had piqued Ashley’s curiosity even further.

Unnerved by Ashley’s eyes which were brimming with undisguised curiosity, Ray muttered, “I’m going to change my clothes! I’ll come back to pick up my armor when I’m finished . . .” and as if to escape from her gaze, hurriedly exited the room.

Having been left behind, Ashley eyes wandered toward the metal armor which had been temporarily abandoned in her room.

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  2. He remembered how to open the item box and withdraw clothes, but he forgot to deposit the rest of his already removed armor?

    While I’m sure the story will begin to advance more smoothly as the protag gets used to his body and world, it’s a little annoying that he, who wrote the story itself, can’t man up to match the main character he wrote himself and cowers at blood and gore.

    Not knowing how to take off armor is forgivable though; because knight armor really is a pain in the arse; having had to dress as one for a Halloween party and pretend to be a prop before scaring people. Sure it was just cheap replica armor, but I have a whole new level of respect for those that live out their medieval fantasies at Renaissance fairs.


    1. Well, isn’t the his problem that he has no idea who’s body he is in yet?
      That would explain why he’s bumbling around like an oaf.


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