Dream Life Volume 1 Chapter 2 – Part 2

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Although the farmers had slightly bewildered expressions, after glancing toward my father, one of them began to slowly explain in a way even a child like me could understand.

“Right now, we’re plowing the land so that we can sow bean seeds later. Because there’s no rain yet, we’re hoping to sow the seeds while there’s still time . . .”

He showed to me one of their many bean seeds. The beans were larger in size than soybeans and seemed to be directly sowed. Apparently, it’s impossible for them to sow the seeds when there’s rain. Because of that, they’re trying to take advantage of the nice weather these past few days.

I gave the farmer my thanks and indicated to my father that I wanted to leave this area. Facing the farmers, my father said, “Excuse us.” and we departed.

Having finished surveying the fields, we arrived at the center of the line of hills. Also known as the heart of Rushmore village.

Nearly twenty buildings had been built in the center. Among them were two wooden two-storied buildings. One of these two buildings had a small wooden sign furnished upon it. Written up the sign were the words “Black Pergola”. My father explained that it was the only bar in the village.

I wonder if this village brews any of its own liquor? If it really does, there’s something I want to try . . .

As for the other two-story building, this was where the villagers’ representative lived. The representative was quite an influential man. The building also doubled as a kind of assembly hall when necessary.

I suppose this is the village’s business district. Although I’m aware that it’s probably because this is a small village, even this place is muddy . . .

I once again begged my father to let me go inside the home of Govan, the village’s representative.

Seeing the sudden appearance of the feudal lord, Govan’s wife became surprised. She bowed her head and then quickly ran towards the fields where her husband was working.

Several minutes later, a solidly built man who seemed to be in his forties approached us while out of breath.

“F-for my lord to come so suddenly today, is there something I can help you with sir?”

“I’m taking my son along with me for a tour of the village. I was thinking of introducing him to you first. Ah, I really have to apologize for the suddenness.”

Upon hearing that the feudal lord himself was introducing his son to him, Govan’s face shone with a hint of pride.

“No no, I’m honored to be the first to meet the young master. Please take your time.”

Govan ordered his wife to prepare some beverages, however, my smiling father waved his hand as he refused him,

“You don’t need to worry about that. My son wants me to show him around the village. Please don’t mind us, you can return to your work now.”

Although slightly bewildered, Govan seemed to accept this as a father simply allowing his son to indulge in some selfishness.

They left Govan’s home and circled around to the back.

At the back was a well with fields spread out behind it. There were housewives around the well, chatting with each other as they washed clothes. However, when a middle-aged woman among them noticed the arrival of my father, the feudal lord, she flusteredly bowed her head.

I guess that for a village with a population of around five hundred, most people would immediately recognize the feudal lord’s face. Furthermore, both my grandfather and my father were originally commoners, so their personalities would be quite frank and honest. They probably wouldn’t care much for things like stiff formalities . . . nevertheless, I have yet to see any children?

I was feeling concerned about how there were children to be seen. Leaving aside the children who were around my age, not even the younger children could be seen. I asked my father, “There are no children like me, where did they go?”

My father also seemed to not know and asked one of the housewives, “Are the children working?”

“No, the younger children are being looked after in turns. Today, they should be at Jaslow’s place.”

Somehow, there seemed to be a system in place to look after the troublesome children in a set location. Furthermore, they were implementing a rotation-system for the task.

I see. It’s unexpectedly practical. If this is the kind of thing they’re doing, then it may be possible for me to establish some kind of temple school for education as long as things go well.

We left the well and headed towards the dwarven blacksmith’s place.

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13 thoughts on “Dream Life Volume 1 Chapter 2 – Part 2

  1. > I’m taking my son along with me for a tour of the village.
    This can be interpreted as him acknowledging the MC as the successor, making it harder for the eldest son to inherit and rule in peace.


  2. I have enjoyed reading this piece… thank you for translating and posting. Will further chapters be translated and posted?

    If not here… are English translations of this work available elsewhere?

    Thanks, again.


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