Trinitas Mundus Volume 1 Chapter 2 – Part 7

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The moment Ray tried to continue thinking further about it, he was attacked by a dull headache. Even though he seemed to be on the verge of remembering a little more, he was trapped in the dilemma of not being able to think any further.

He gave up on trying to remembering the story and instead, began to think about the world’s setting and its magic.

The setting he wrote didn’t have parameters for things like physical strength or intelligence. Furthermore, things like HP and MP also weren’t were quantified into hard-set values.

Levels allowed for skills to be used more effectively. For example, if one’s swordsmanship skill was high, than they would be a “swordsman”. If one’s archery skill was high, then they would be an “archer”. Their strength and effectiveness is called their “occupation level” and would be calculated from their experience points and skill level.

Based on what I remember of the setting, although I can’t look at my status, I should be able to look at things like my occupation level, skills, and magic . . . first, I need to imagine what my magic stone looks like, and then try to call to mind the data entries I want to look at . . . ah! There it is. My level is . . .

The first data entry Ray wanted to check was his level.

My occupation is “magic spearman”? Level One? Doesn’t that mean I’m even lower than a novice! Even a beginner would be at around level six with some training. And yet, I’m only at one.

In the setting of his novel, the levels of those who specialized in combat were generally laid out like this: amateurs ranged from level one to level five, newly recruited soldiers ranged from level six to level fifteen, the typical soldier ranged from level sixteen to level thirty, and veterans ranged from level thirty-one to level fifty. The highest levels that could be seen were usually within the range of level seventy ot level eighty. For the strongest class of humans: knights, mercenaries, and top-level adventurers, the level-cap was at one hundred. People say that for races who had long lives like the draconians, there are some who have far exceeded the level of one hundred.

Next, he tried to look at his skills. However, swordsmanship, spearmanship . . . all of them only displayed a question mark next to them. Ray couldn’t figure out if the skills were simply blocked or truly unusable.

Last, when he looked at the data entries related to magic, he could confirm that he was able to use all eight elements. Ray felt slightly relieved. If he wanted to live in this world, being able to use magic was a considerable advantage. Ray turned his mind towards the things happening tomorrow.

Taking advantage of the knowledge I have from modern Japan and using it for something like domestic affairs or industrial production is beyond me. I think of anything with my half-baked knowledge that could possibly be turned money immediately. Since that’s the case, looks like there’s no other choice than becoming an “adventurer” . . . although being a mercenary isn’t always about fighting, it’s still undoubtedly an occupation focused on killing . . . although killing humans isn’t something I’m even considering, killing monsters is something I can probably do . .

The world did have guilds for people like artisans and merchants. However, entering these types of guilds was quite difficult for most people because of the system of apprenticeship they had been adopted. Although it’s not necessarily a requirement to enroll at a guild, it’s still better to do so because those who don’t are limited by many restrictions.

Among the guilds in which one could easily gain admission into were the adventurers’ guild and the mercenaries’ guild.

Because both guilds were strongly based on a merit system, joining them didn’t necessarily equate to a stable income.

I have the gold I received from the baron, and later, I’ll also receive a reward for subjugating the bandits. Not only that, based on what Ashley said, I’ll probably also get indemnities from the mercenaries’ guild. However, once I buy all the things I need to start my new life, I have a feeling that I’m not going to have much money left. Unless I secure a source of income . . . hmm. I’ll ask Ashley about it tomorrow morning . . .

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