Trinitas Mundus Volume 1 Chapter 3 – Part 5

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Ashley replied, “I don’t mind” and then, in a slightly curt tone, she added, “I’m returning to the mansion to take back my luggage.” She began to ascend the road that sloped upward by herself.

The moment her back was turned towards him, she realized that her face was faintly flushed.

Why? Why does it feel fun to be with him? Even though he’s only an unreliable guy . . .

Ashley had lived most of her life as a mercenary.

Her mother had also been a mercenary, just like her father. After losing her mother at a young age, her father’s mercenary group became her home. And her family.

After experiencing her first battle at the age of fifteen, she continued to participate in numerous battle. She fought against monsters when escorting merchant groups and also entered in the various skirmishes between the Lacus Kingdom and the Kaelum Empire. Although she never took part in large-scale wars, within seven years, she had already stood through more than one hundred different battlefields.

One year ago, she held doubts about continuing as a mercenary under her father’s protection and decided to move to Molton and live as solo mercenary and adventurer.

Even though she changed locations, she continued to be surrounded by uncouth soldiers and adventurers. She believed this type of environment was normal.

After encountering Ray yesterday, he proved himself to be completely different from her definition of a man. Ah, no, if we judge him purely based on his fighting ability, then he would be an excellent man. Someone who belonged to the world she was deeply familiar with. The world of mercenaries.

However, Ray didn’t seem like a soldier. He was also different from the merchants and farmers she had always protected.

He was an odd man who had rescued her using strange armor and magic. Even after acquainting himself with her, the daughter of a famous mercenary group’s chief, Ray seemed to view her as an ordinary woman. He didn’t have the eyes of the bandit chief. The shining eyes that overflowed with carnal lust. No, she felt that he interacted with her as he would with someone like the baron’s daughter, Oliena. As he would with a very ordinary girl.

For Ashley, this was a really refreshing feeling.

At any rate, these following days are going to be enjoyable. It’s probably a good idea to partner up with Ray for the moment . . .

The other party concerned also had Ashley on his mind.

He had always yearned for a lively girl like her. Therefore, the way she radiated a sense of confidence and her beauty were starting to draw him to her.

Her qualities are certainly attractive. I’ve never had much experience with women though, so naturally, I’m still a virgin. Ashley probably doesn’t view someone like that as a man.

While thinking about her, Ray also sensed that within him, something was stuck.

Again, I feel like something related to Trinitas Mundus’ storyline is being blocked . . . a part of my memories from the previous world also seem to be inaccessible. I was beginning to remember the figure of a certain woman, however, a mist clouds the image back into something too indistinct for me to discern . . . who was that? What kind of relationship did I have with her?

Feeling that worrying about the matter any further was pointless, Ray recalled the words he said to Ashley a moment ago.

I said that I felt uneasy about being alone . . . am I a child or something? It’s as if I’m asking her to stay together with me . . . I hope she didn’t think I had any ulterior motives . . .

After walking for around twenty minutes, they arrived at the baron’s mansion.

Upon entering, Edward the butler went out to greet them.

Ray asked, “I want to convey my thanks to Baron Atelier for accommodating me yesterday and also notify him that I’ll be leaving now. Could you check to see if he’s available right now?”

Edward replied, “Certainly. Please wait for moment in your room.” and headed quietly towards the office room. As for Ray and Ashley, they both returned to their respective rooms and to prepare for their departure.

It took them very little time to finish organizing their luggage. Ray never had any luggage in the first place. Since Ashley was originally on escort duty, she only brought only the minimum amount of baggage.

Ray was troubled about whether or not he should use his item box. In the end, he decided to store the mantle and knight clothes he had originally worn and also a portion of his money in the item box.

Based on how Ashley reacted, it’s probably not a very good idea for me to use the item box magic recklessly. I’ll seal away the mantle and knight clothes to avoid any trouble. The money is definitely going to be safer inside the item box. Oh, that reminds me, I didn’t get the chance to compare the gold coins inside the item box with the gold coins the baron gave me. Now that I have time, let’s have look . . .

He retrieved a single gold coin from the item box, and then compared it with the gold coins inside the leather bag.

Although their dimensions were similar, the engravings on their surfaces differed quite a bit. The baron’s gold coins were engraved with a simple design. Compared to them, the gold coins from the item box were engraved with the side profile of a man. The face of the coin also had the words “Rukydous Gold Coin” intricately engraved on the circumference.

Although I can’t really compare these gold coins with Japanese coins, their design is still considerably elaborate. The item box’s gold coin seems to weigh roughly the same amount as the baron’s. I wonder if that means I can use them? It feels like I always go to Ashley whenever I have a question . . . looks like I’ll have to trouble her again later . . .

Edward arrived just as Ray was finished putting away his gold coins. Guided by Edward, Ray entered the baron’s office, and then deeply bowed his head,

“Thank you very much for taking care of me. I’ve successfully registered at the adventurers guild earlier in the day. I should be able to say at an inn in town now without any problems.” (TL: I’ve changed Molton to a town now, instead of a city.)

“Is that so?’ the baron muttered. He then asked in a slightly more cheerful tone, “So, what are you planning to do after this?”

“Since I still haven’t recovered my memories yet, I’m planning to remain in this town for now . . .”

“I see. Well, if you ever encounter any trouble, remember that you can visit us anytime. Afterall, I don’t intend to turn away someone who’s saved my life.”

Ray deeply bowed his head once again and said, “Thank you for your kindness.” He then excused himself from the office.

The baron gazed at Ray’s back as he exited the room.

If Ray really is as he seems, it might be a good idea to recruit him into my group of subordinates. Oliena also seems pleased with him, so welcoming him into our family is also a possibility. However, his fighting strength and armor are a problem. He stinks of trouble relating to Rooks, especially the Light Religion. Until his background is clear, I should probably find a way to indirectly keep him under observation . . .

The baron called over a government official and ordered him to track Ray and Ashley’s movements.


Ray and Ashley walked with the mansion to their backs.

It was now four o’clock. The flood of people was gradually subsiding as they each separated into the roads that lead home. Ray and Ashley arrived at an inn that was located halfway up the hill.

“This is the Silver Bell Pavilion, the inn I usually stay at. Although the owner, Lester, and his wife, Bianca, are both young, this place is still quite cozy. It’s a tad bit expensive, but I can guarantee that you’ll be pleased with it.”

The Silver Bell Pavilion had three floors. Flowers had been planted below the windows frames of the bottom floor. The building gave off the impression that it was carefully maintained. Upon entering, Ray encountered a nicely polished wooden counter. A smiling woman who appeared to be in her middle twenties welcomed them.

“Welcome back, Ashley. I’ve heard that you got caught up in some kind of incident?”

News of how the baron had been betrayed by hired mercenaries and then attacked by bandits seemed to have already spread throughout the town.

Ashley looked at Ray as she replied, “If this guy here hadn’t been there, I definitely wouldn’t be alive right now. Anyway, do you have any available rooms left Bianca?”

Bianca smiled widely, “We actually do have some rooms open in fact.” She peered into Ashley’s face, “So. Is it a double room? Or would you rather book two separate rooms?”

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  1. Wow, Soda is on fire today.

    > If this guy here hadn’t been there, I definitely wouldn’t be alive right now.
    Oh, she most certainly would be alive.


  2. What kind of relationship did I have with her?
    Feeling that worrying about the matter any further was pointless, Ray recalled the words he said to Ashley a moment ago.


    It’s probably a good idea, don’t you know the potential of a very scary yandere?


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