Trinitas Mundus Volume 1 Chapter 4 – Part 2

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Ray decided to use the light magic he had thought about last night, the light spear.

He calmed down his breathing and imagined a gathering of light particles within his mind. A spear of light appeared at his left hand.

He quietly celebrated the success and threw the spear at the lizardman Ashley had pointed at. Although the silently flying spear wasn’t as fast as he had expected, it headed straight for the lizardman’s back and beautifully hit the target.

Immediately following the attack, the lizardman raised a scream and collapsed.

Seeing his defeated figure, the other lizardmen all began to survey their surroundings. They roared when they found the two humans, charging at them with their thick and heavy bodies.

“They’re coming! Can you fire off another one Ray! If it’s impossible, then move to my right side!”

Despite Ashley’s directions, when Ray saw the figures of the two merto tall lizardmen with their glittering green scales coming towards him with the intent to kill, he fell into a panic.

“There’s too many of them, it’s impossible! Let’s run away!”

“What are you saying at this point!? Hurry up and prepare your spear! If you don’t want to die then fight!”

Hearing those words, he forced his trembling body to move and stiffly gripped his spear.

“Remember what is was like during training! These monsters only charge straight at you! It’s easy to evade them as long as you pay attention!”

Her voice no longer reached him. After all, his awareness was now completely focused on the group lizardmen, on the green demons who were coming to kill him.

At that moment, Ray’s sense of time became strange. It felt like the lizardmen’s approach slowing down. Despite that, it also seemed like they were also somehow approaching him more quickly. Ray was no longer able to grasp the situation.

It’s impossible! I didn’t become an adventurer . . . I didn’t rely on Ashley . . . I’m going to die here.

With his spear still pointed forwards, Ray’s eyes were opened wide as his body froze.

“Ray! They’re getting closer! Come on! If you don’t want to die then fight!”

Seeing his pathetic appearance, her eyes turned cold.

It’s no good . . . I didn’t think he was so spineless . . . however, I can’t just abandon him . . . it’s turned into a bad situation . . .

Although it was his first battle, Ashley had thought that he would at least be able to move. After all, she could handle six lizardmen even if she was by herself.

However, it was a completely story if she had to fight while protecting someone who absolutely wouldn’t move.

Despite choosing this request herself, she was feeling anger towards Ray. However, she felt even angrier at herself for misjudging him.

Being able to grasp your partner’s ability. The fundamentals of being a mercenary. For me to forget that . . . was I too high-spirited . . . no matter what it takes, we’ll survive. We have to survive . . .

With her large two-handed sword, Ashley cleaved at a lizardman that was heading for her as it raised its club overhead. It raised a scream of agony and collapsed by her side. However, another lizardman immediately approached.

The frozen Ray next to her somehow recovered and although weak-kneed, began to restrain them with his spear.

Although this lizardman raised its club overhead just like the first one, it did not rush in blindly. Instead, it kept a distance of three mertos and raised an intimidating snake-like hiss as it observed Ashley’s movements.

Seeing that, Ashley shouted, “Trying to act like a wiseman, are you now?!” and quickly rushed towards it, closing the distance all at once as she thrusted at its throat. Unable to follow her movements at all, the lizardman’s eyes widened as its body continued to raise the club overhead and it stared at the sword that had gone through its throat without any resistance. When she pulled out the sword was lodged in its throat, red blood gushed out like a fountain, and it slowly collapsed.

However, two more lizardmen immediately appeared to surround them and Ashley stepped back, returning to her original position. Once again, she brought her sword for a confrontation from the front.


Having resolved himself for death, Ray was thinking about giving up.

However, once he saw the seemingly disdainful eyes of Ashley who was standing beside him, he decided that he couldn’t die like this.

Being looked at with those eyes . . . I’m truly pathetic . . . hasn’t Ashley already done so much for my sake? Who’s fault is it that she’s fallen into this crisis! At the very least, Ashley has to escape . . .

Although his movements were stiff, Ray began to wield his spear.

Fortunately, the lizardman who had come in his direction was cautious of the range of his spear and stopped at a distance. If it had continued to rush in, then Ray would have likely died. However, its short time of hesitation gave him the time he needed to regain his footing.

Well, even though it looked like he had regained his footing, his movements were still terrible. He completely forgot about the movements he had polished during training and was instead blindly thrusting at the enemy. Nevertheless, his quick movements and the sharp cross that projected from his spear combined to give the lizardman no opportunity to step in.

Ray gradually regained his composure.

I can do it! The other side is also scared of me, so I need to pull myself together! Ashley told me to remember my time during training!

Ray forced himself to wring out a yell in an attempt to muster his courage, and released attacks that were even sharper than before. The lizardman evaded his simple thrusts by merely turning its body. However, Ray’s attacks didn’t stop there. The moment the lizardman evaded, he switched his form of attack to a sweep towards its neck.

The sharp cross-shaped spearhead that was around thirty cemers landed a hit. Although it wasn’t a deep wound, the sight lit a fire of hope of hope within his heart.

It hit! Attacking calmly is more effective. Next, let’s do some double-thrusts . . .

Ray quickly looked around him and confirmed the position of Ashley and their enemies.

There weren’t any more enemies next to him and Ashley was also at a position a few steps behind him. Ray launched a double-thrust at the enemy before him and then moved to mow down its legs. On top of completely eating Ray’s double-thrusts, the lizardman had also been successfully cut down at his legs. As it was still in the middle of a turn, it toppled over in an unnatural manner. As a result of that, the lizardman on the right side of Ashley ended up exposing its side defenselessly. Without letting that chance escape, Ray launched an attack towards its unprotected flank.

Having been stabbed in the side, the lizardman raised a scream towards the sudden pain and stepped back. Within that span of time, Ashley also slashed off an arm from its other side.

We’ve somehow managed it . . .

Thinking that they had won, Ray became slightly negligent. The final lizardman aimed for the instant when his front became open, and fiercely charged.

The lizardman had a superior physique and used a close-ranged body blow instead of striking with its club. Ray received the entirety of the heavy attack and was completely blown away towards the back.

For an instant during the impact, his consciousness flickered. As his hazy vision dimmed, the lizardman followed it up with another attack from its club. The club which was crudely swung downward grazed his right ear and directly hit his shoulder. Although the collision was definitely powerful, the solid armor that was protecting his shoulder refused to yield.

Argh! My ear hurts even more than my shoulder. Even though the club only grazed it, why does it feel so painful . . . damn it! It’s too close for me to use my spear . . . there isn’t any space for me to draw out my sword either . . .

The lizardman that was preparing to raise its club a second time suddenly froze.

As he wondered what had happened, he suddenly noticed a silver blade protruding from the lizardman’s stomach.

Ashley had snuck behind the lizardman that was attacking him and stabbed at its defenseless back.

Although the group of injured lizardman had already lost the will to fight, Ashley pulled out her sword from the dead lizardman and approached the others with an audacious gait. She then proceeded to pierce each them until their movements had completely stilled.

Once all of the lizardmen were killed, Ashley sat down on the ground and breathed heavily.

We’ve survived . . . Ray somehow recovered near the end. What are we going to do from this point on? It’s also my fault for suddenly making him fight. I’ll have to see how the situation progresses for a bit longer . . . however, will I be able to look at him calmly after all this . . .

Although there was hesitation in her heart, she became surprised when the words that came out of her mouth were unexpectedly assertive.

“Ray! What was that just now, you call that fighting!? When we get back, I’m going to specially train you! Let’s collect the magic stones and go back!”

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