Trinitas Mundus Volume 1 Chapter 4 – Part 8

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“Ah, he defeated the grizzly by himself before I even had the chance to lend him a hand. I can’t tell you how he defeated it though.”

Ashley didn’t forget that it was necessary to conceal Ray’s magic. She didn’t intend to say anything even if the other person were a guild employee like Edsel.

Before their surroundings became too rowdy, the two of them accepted their reward and swiftly stood up to leave the guild.

While they were on their way back to the inn, Ashley only said, “Please tell me your level and skills later.” For the rest of the time, she silently walked ahead while thinking.

He was definitely only at level one in the beginning. I’ve never heard of something like this happening before . . . in the first place, it’s already strange that he can’t confirm his skills . . . considering all the strange things he’s shown in front of me, I wouldn’t be too surprised if someone told me he was sent by god . . .

Based on her long experience within her father’s mercenary band, Ashley knew that a person’s level and skills advanced at roughly the same rate. For example, even if you didn’t have any real combat experience, if your training was at a level that could raise your skills, then your level would also naturally rise as a different type of experience accumulated.

Rarely was anyone called a genius. However, even a so-called genius would have to advance their skills and level at essentially the same rate, starting from around the point when one of their skills surpassed the tenth level.

As far she knew, even the quickest people took at least one year to rise from level one to level ten. If people were told that there was someone who could go from one to ten in merely two days, they would probably laugh their faces off.

Immediately upon returning to their rooms within the inn, Rai looked at his skills and level.

“For my level, it says . . . magic spearman, level ten? As for my skills . . . yeah, it’s the same as before. I can’t confirm anything.”

“Is that so . . . it’s my first time seeing someone’s level jump so suddenly. Ray, do you really not have any clue as to why this is happening? Has anything happened lately? Maybe some kind of message from god, that kind of thing?”

He could only groan, not saying anything.

Should I tell Ashley everything? I’m worried doing that will strain our relationship from now on . . . it’s still not the right time yet . . .

He pretended to think for around ten seconds and then answered, “No, I really can’t think of anything.” Although Ashley didn’t seem to be very convinced, she didn’t push the matter any further.

Ray began recalling the setting he had written for the guild’s ranking system and the world’s occupation level.

The guild’s ranking system should be based on their members’ level of contribution. A person’s level contribution should multiply several times if they were to accept a request that’s ranked higher than them. Since I completed a fifth rank request, it shouldn’t be too strange for me to be promoted three ranks . . .

Ray had actually risen to the ninth rank yesterday after defeating the lizardmen, who were seventh rank monsters. However, he didn’t have the chance to confirm this himself since he was magically exhausted.

It wasn’t rare to see people with considerable ability jumping several ranks after registering at the guild for the first time. However, jumping three ranks at once was only possible for those who possessed skills befitting of a fifth rank. In other words, this indicated that Ray’s actual strength was equivalent to a fifth ranked adventurer.

As for the occupation level, that’s merely displayed as a person’s overall “level” and is displayed as either the value of their accumulated experience or skills, whichever one is lower . . .

In his setting, occupation level only represented how skillful someone, a swordsman or an archer for example, was in their occupation. This was displayed as their level and was the number was equivalent to either the value of their experience or technical skill, whichever one was lower. If one only had experience and didn’t possess appropriate skill, they wouldn’t be able to demonstrate their full power. Conversely, even if one had skill, if they didn’t have experience then they also wouldn’t be at their full potential.

It might be easier to understand if you imagine a seasoned veteran who has accumulated considerable experience and pretend that he is going to fight a trained young swordsman. If the swordsman who was formally trained doesn’t have any actual combat experience, then the veteran has a high chance of winning. However, if the swordsman has some degree of experience then wouldn’t he have a higher chance of winning?

Experience and skill were two sides of the same coin. Strength couldn’t be measured with just one or the other. That was the kind of setting he thought up.

I’m now a magic spearman who has accumulated enough experience for level ten. Meaning that both my magic and spearmanship are at the tenth level. Have I finally reached a level comparable to a new soldier . . . doing that in two days, I’m not exactly sure if that’s fast or slow . . . I’ll need to confirm my skill by sparring with Ashley again.

Ray wasn’t able to comprehend why Ashley was so surprised.

Although level ten was certainly the level of a new recruit, Ray was only at level one when he registered two days ago. No matter how you rushed it, turning a complete amateur like that into a soldier would take at least one month. Furthermore, that soldier wouldn’t have even reached the tenth level yet.

Ashley wondered if Ray had really become someone with that degree skill.

And so, the two of them suddenly looked at each other and said, “Let’s confirm it!” They then headed straight for the back of the inn.

Even as they began sparring, Ray’s movements weren’t much better than yesterday morning. Ray personally felt relieved that he hadn’t changed much.

True battlefield experience can only be acquired through life and death experiences after all. Since this isn’t a game world, hard-set values aren’t absolute . . . training and combat are completely different. I learned that the hard way yesterday . . . even though I’m now as strong as a new soldier, there’s still plenty of space for improvement. I don’t need to be worried about things like levels.

Ashley on the other hand, was feeling bewildered.

Despite his sudden rise in level, his movements haven’t changed very much. Although training and actual combat are different, after reaching level ten, there shouldn’t be this much a difference between the two . . . does this have something to do with his lost memories? . . . ugh, I suppose that in Ray’s case, it’ll be pointless no matter how much I think about his level.

Due to different reasons, the two people came to the same conclusion that they didn’t need to be too fixated on levels.

They continued exchange light blows until it was time for dinner.

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