Trinitas Mundus Volume 1 Chapter 5 – Part 2

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Since he was feeling strangely conscious of himself even though they were simply talking a walk, Ray thought that it would be a good idea to visit a weapons store. A common subject which both of them could easily relate to. However, that wasn’t the only reason. If he were compelled to give a better reason, it would be that since he had gone through the trouble of ending up in a fantasy world, he might as well go look at a weapons store. Something that has often appeared in numerous video games. Basically, he didn’t really have a good reason.

Would it be strange if I told her that I want to visit a weapons store just because I want to see it? Maybe I should give her a more acceptable reason?

And so, in a slightly unnatural manner, Ray began to explain the purpose behind this visit to the curious Ashley.

“The spear I’m currently using is too powerful, so I don’t know if my ability is actually improving or not. I thought that it might be better to try completing requests with a normal spear . . .”
“Oh, so that’s why. It’s probably better if you gain experience with various weapons. However, don’t spend your money unnecessarily.”

Although it felt like Ashley’s agreement was slightly passive, they both agreed to go to the weapons store.

Upon entering the store, they were greeted with the sight of various weapons such as swords, spears, hatchets, and clubs, lined up around the room. The store interior was strongly dyed in the mixed odors of iron, oil, and leather. Ray swept his gaze around with great interest.

Seeing this kind of thing really reminds me that I’ve come to a fantasy world. Just looking at these oiled blades is enough to make my heart pound. Especially since the oil isn’t used to maintain them in someplace like a museum, but is actually used to ready them for genuine combat. It would be truly nice if people didn’t use these kinds of things to kill each other though . . .

Deep from within the store, a human man with a solid build came out. He seemed to be in his mid-forties. No matter how you looked at him, you would think he was a blacksmith.

“What are you looking for? If you tell me, I can pick it out for you.”

Ray couldn’t bring himself to say that he was only here to look around, and replied, “Could you show me your spears? About as long as this one.” He showed him Alvum Korn, the spear in his hand.

Morris Sheridan, the blacksmith, gazed at the spear and said,

“Do think it needs any repairs?” However, he immediately noticed that Ray’s spear was considerably well-built. “Oh? Could you let me see that spear for a moment?” With a slightly helpless expression, Ray handed his spear to Morris.

“Urgh! What, is up with this weight! Can you really use this?”

Ray’s spear, Alvum Korn, had a weight reduction magical formula drawn on it, just as his armor, Nix Vestis also did. He was the only one who could wield it with the same weight as an ordinary spear. Its true weight though, was actually several times heavier than typical spears. Fifteen kigrans. (TL: Two times the weight of a bowling ball)

“Yes, I can use it. However, I would prefer a light spear if possible, so please show me your normal spears.”

After returning Alvum Korn to him, Morris came out from the back of the store holding a short spear with a spear tip of roughly twenty cemers (TL: ¼ of a man’s footstep).

Ray accepted the spear and gave it a few light swings.

It’s about as heavy as the spear I usually use. Seems like the weight reduction magic is considerably effective. Since we’re only window-shopping today, I’ll consider buying this some other time.

Ray told the blacksmith, “We’re only taking a look today.” and returned to him the spear.

Morris gazed at Alvum Korn, seemingly reluctant to part with it.

“If you ever need that spear repaired, take it here. Ah, no, I mean, please let me repair it.”

“I’m not offended . . . alright, I’ll entrust the spear to you next time then.”

And so, both of them exited Morris’ store.

Now alone, the blacksmith absentmindedly thought about the two.

That spear was forged abnormally well. Good enough to be called “God’s Spear” . . . however, who was that young man? Ashley was together with him . . .

Although Morris had worked as a blacksmith for well over thirty years, this was the most splendid weapon he had ever laid his eyes on. He muttered quietly to himself, “I hope I’ll be able to hold it longer next time.”


The day after their stroll through town, the two came to the guild branch early in the morning to accept requests.

The sky was overcast, densely covered in thick grey clouds. Although it didn’t seem like it would rain for now, there was probably going to be a heavy downpour tomorrow. The adventurers around them muttered such things.

While gazing at the bulletin board, Ashley said, “This should keep us busy for the whole day. Since it seems like there’s going to be rain soon, subjugating giant toads seems like a good choice.” She took a single slip into her hand.

Ray tilted his head, “Giant toads? Why something like that?”

Ashley murmured, “I suppose you wouldn’t know of them?” However, she immediately explained,

“These toads are easily frightened, so they rarely come out of their lakes. However, for some reason, they appear within forests on days where it’s about to rain. Requesters want us to kill these guys whenever the opportunity arises, so the reward during this period will be especially high.”

Ray nodded, “I see.”

The giant toad was approximately 1.5 mertos long. (TL: height of average refrigerator = ~1.8 meters) Its main means of attack were its long tongue and a paralysis-type poison that gushed out from the surface of its body. Although the toad was usually a docile monster, it fiercely breeded during the period between spring and summer. In order to reduce their numbers as much as possible, before their breeding period, requests would always come out in this season, spring.

With their request selected, the two of them began heading towards the receptionists’ counter. However, there, they once again came face to face with the man who they had met yesterday. Seron.

“What is this, you’re also doing toad extermination? Why don’t we do it together?”

Seron initiated the conversation, his words directed at Ashley.

“No, Ray and I are more than enough for this request. Could you stop meddling with us?”

After saying those words, she tried to walk away from Seron.

Seron grabbed her arm and said,

“Don’t be shy. Rather than such a pale-looking guy, you’ll have much more fun with me. The other guys are also waiting, so let’s get on our way.”

Ashley fiercely shook off her arm, and glared at Seron.

“Don’t touch me! How many times have I said this. I’m going to be doing this request with Ray!”

Upon hearing her shout, the inside of the guild sunk into silence.

A few saw Seron and slightly shook their heads while thinking, “Here he goes again.” However, for some reason or another, an atmosphere that was sympathetic towards Seron hung in the air.

What is up with this atmosphere? Isn’t it obvious that Ashley’s not at fault here? What’s going on?

Ray was unable to comprehend the strange atmosphere. However, although bewildered, he felt that it would be best if they didn’t stick around here any longer than necessary. He grasped Ashley’s hand and said, “Let’s go.”, leading her out of the guild.

Seron gazed at their retreating figures with hatred in his expression.

Making a fool out of me . . . that woman, she’s just like her father, looking down on me. I was thinking about forgiving her if she submitted herself to me. However, on top of ignoring me, she goes around holding another man’s dick in her mouth . . . damn it, no matter where I go, I’m made to be the fool. I’ve had a enough. I’ll show what happens to those who treat me as a fool . . .

Ashley wasn’t aware of this, but ten years ago, Seron had challenged her father, Hamish Marquardt, to a duel, and was overwhelmingly defeated.

During that period, he was absolutely overflowing self-confidence and still hadn’t thrown away his dream of becoming a first rank adventurer. And so, he challenged Hamish, one of the most prominent masters of the sword in the Lacus Kingdom. However, said mentioned previously, the result was his utter defeat. Although it was a mock battle, Seron was completely beat up until no area of his body was unwounded.

The words which Hamish said at the conclusion of their duel, “Know yourself”, changed Seron’s life.

Hamish was only telling Seron, a young man who still had quite some ways to go, to abandon his bloated sense of self-conceit. However, Seron interpreted his words as saying, “You’re worthless.”

With pride in tatters, from that point on, Seron frequently lost his temper and the companions who were together with him gradually left. And so in that manner, he eventually rose to be fourth rank and decided to come to a relatively small town. Molton. If it was here, he could be “number one” he thought.

One year ago, Ashley also unexpectedly came along to this town, presumably by chance. Nevertheless, starting from that time, Seron tried to take possession of her, to make her into his woman. It was how he thought of getting revenge against Hamish.

He’d lost count of how many times he’d set traps for her, each bordering on the edge of being outright illegal. However, she managed to evade every single one of them. After learning that she had partnered up with a man who wasn’t him, Seron’s sense of paranoia grew even stronger. He now held an absolute conviction that he was being treated unfairly.

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